Charmed reboot: first trailer

first trailer

A Charmed reboot series is coming. Yes, fans with fond memories of the coven showcased in the 1998-2006 supernatural series will soon get to welcome more toil and trouble with a reinvention of The WB’s campy-but-beloved series, set for the current network incarnation, The CW. The Charmed reboot will centre on a new set of characters, played by Melonie Diaz, Sarah Jeffery and Madeleine Mantock, updated appropriately for the times.

While the Charmed reboot made a major announcement in early 2017, only to have its pilot prospects shelved, the project made its return to the development table in 2018 and is now moving forward in earnest.

Here’s the first trailer…

Charmed reboot air date

The Charmed reboot doesn’t have an official air date, but it will be an autumn 2018 release, so September or October would be likely. We’ll bring you a UK air date when we get it, too!

More as we have it.

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