‘Champion’: Film Review

A former arm-wrestling champion returns to his native Korea and discovers a family he never knew he had in Kim Yong-wan’s sports-themed dramedy. If the 1987 Sylvester Stallone vehicle Over the Top proved nothing else (and it really didn’t), it’s that arm wrestling is not… Read More

‘Deadpool 2’: Film Review

Marvel’s foul-mouthed antihero learns to play well with others (sorta) in a sequel from ‘Atomic Blonde’ director David Leitch. Glance quickly at the poster for Deadpool 2 (tagline: “From the Studio That Killed Wolverine”) and you might worry slightly. Look at all those characters, most… Read More

‘BlacKkKlansman’: Film Review

Spike Lee’s latest tells the true story of two Colorado cops, one black and one Jewish, who team up to infiltrate the local KKK chapter. An incredible true-life story told in a boisterously exaggerated way, BlacKkKlansman is certainly Spike Lee’s most flat-out entertaining film in… Read More

‘Climax’: Film Review

The latest from French enfant terrible Gaspar Noe revolves around a dance party that descends into hellishness. The sensationally titled Climax might have just as easily been called Gaspar’s Inferno, so intensely does it portray a descent into a hellish state after its divinely physical… Read More

‘Girl’: Film Review

The first feature from Flemish director Lukas Dhont stars Victor Polster in a breakout performance as a transgender girl training to become a ballerina. A 15-year-old transgender girl from Belgium starts training to become a ballerina in Girl, a film with a title that’s simultaneously… Read More

‘Sextape’: Film Review

This French film premiering in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard sidebar is about Gallic teens with only one thing on their minds. Sextape (A genoux les gars) plays like a hard-R, single-minded sitcom, with about a half-hour’s worth of snortingly crude comedy stretched laboriously out to… Read More

‘Diamantino’: Film Review

Portuguese director Gabriel Abrantes and U.S.-born filmmaker Daniel Schmidt co-directed what’s sure to be one of the most unusual films screening in Cannes this year. It doesn’t happen that often, even at a festival like Cannes, when you see something that takes you completely by… Read More

‘Class Rank’: Film Review

Two teenagers team up to run for a high school board seat in this comedy directed by Eric Stoltz. Eric Stoltz’s long-ago experience acting in teen-oriented films serves him well with his feature directorial effort revolving around high school politics. Depicting the efforts of a… Read More

‘Avengers: Infinity War’: Film Review

Marvel’s biggest, most star-studded film yet brings together characters from all of its franchises, including ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Black Panther.’ “We’re in the endgame now,” Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange intones in the final stretch of the indisputably epic Avengers: Infinity War — and, more… Read More