Arrow’s Juliana Harkavy ‘Would Love’ to Play X-23

Juliana Harkavy Would Love

Arrow star Juliana Harkavy says she “would love” to play X-23, the female teenage clone of Wolverine. A 11-year-old version of X-23 appeared in the hit film, Logan, played by Dafne Keen.

Juliana Harkavy is no stranger to the superhero genre. In season 5 of Arrow, fans were introduced to Harkavy’s character, Dinah Drake, who became the second Black Canary, and a more comic book-accurate version than her predecessor, Laurel (Katie Cassidy). Harkavy’s Black Canary soon became a vital member of Team Arrow and the actress was promoted from a recurring role to series regular for season 6.

In an interview with Bounding Into Comics, Juliana Harkavy talked about her favorite superheroes and what character she would like to play. Harkavy expressed a love for the X-Men, particularly Storm and Wolverine, who she says is her favorite character. After being told that X-23 is Wolverine’s female clone, Harkavy said that she “would love” to play the character:

That’s exactly who I would want to play like a thousand percent, that’s so cool. That’s so cool. I would love to do something like that.

After debuting in the short-lived animated series X-Men: Evolution in 2003, X-23 made the transition to comic books and quickly became a fan-favorite character. Her popularity soared to the point where she became the All-New Wolverine in the wake of the original Wolverine’s death. After holding the title for almost three years, X-23 recently gave up the “Wolverine” mantle.

Dafne Keen’s 11-year-old X-23 played a central role in the plot of Logan. Logan director James Mangold and X-23 creator Craig Kyle are working on a script for an X-23 spin-off, though unfortunately the project could be in trouble due to the Fox-Disney deal. Even if the spin-off falls through the cracks, the success of Logan and the popularity of X-23 could lead to the character having a future in the X-Men movies.

Though most fans expect X-23 to be played by a teenage actress, it’s always possible that the films could eventually introduce an adult version of the character who follows in the footsteps of her comic counterpart to become the new Wolverine. If so, Juliana Harkavy could be an interesting choice for the role, considering that the actress’ work on Arrow has already proven her capable of portraying a strong female character and femme fatale. However, it’s more likely that if X-23 is brought to the big screen, the character will played by a teenage actress.

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